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What If I Was Involved in a Multi-Car Pile-Up in Houston?

When victims suffer accident injuries in a multi-car pile-up, several issues can make recovering fair compensation more complex than in your typical crash case. However, they still have a right to pursue and recover money to pay for their medical care, lost income, pain and suffering, and other damages. 

If this happened to you, a Houston car accident lawyer can fight for the money you need and deserve. They will navigate the claims process and secure an appropriate payout for their clients. Most provide a free initial consultation and require no upfront fees to start representing you.

What Challenges Can I Expect in Pursuing Compensation After a Houston Multi-Car Pile-Up?

Because multi-car pile-ups are usually chain reaction accidents involving multiple parties, it is often challenging to determine fault and liability. When the dust settles after this type of crash, the parties often point fingers at one another, with no one accepting the blame. You will need strong evidence to demonstrate what occurred and who is legally responsible for your injuries. 

Even if the initial issue that started the crash is clear, other drivers’ actions likely played a role. Often, these cases rely on accident reconstruction specialists to provide evidence showing what happened. 

Once you identify the role each party played, there is the matter of convincing their insurer to pay fair compensation for your recoverable damages. This may be less likely if multiple victims pursue money based on the same insurance policy. You must have strong documentation of your case’s value to prove the compensation award you need to pay your bills. 

How Will My Attorney Show Who Is Liable for a Houston Multi-Car Pile-Up?

A Houston personal injury lawyer will investigate a multi-car pile-up car accident case to find out what happened and sort out the details. The law firm you hire should have the knowledge, experience, resources, and reputation to determine what happened, why, and who is responsible. 

Their investigation will require many steps to identify, gather, and organize evidence. This process often includes: 

  • Obtaining the accident report filed by police officers
  • Seeking any video of the crash
  • Looking at photographs from the accident scene
  • Conducting an accident scene survey
  • Calling in accident reconstruction specialists
  • Interviewing eyewitnesses
  • Working with experts to better understand your prognosis and future expenses
  • Documenting your damages

Once they preserve and organize the evidence, they will use it to tell a compelling story of what happened to the insurance carriers representing the liable parties. They will likely demand fair compensation based on the case facts, seeking money for your covered costs. They will negotiate and settle the case on your behalf when possible. 

When Do I Need to Contact a Houston Auto Accident Lawyer About My Case?

You should contact a car accident lawyer as soon as possible after your Houston accident and injuries. This gives them the most time possible to investigate, determine the liable party or parties, and determine how to approach the case. 

Sometimes, the evidence does not last. For example, imagine a local business caught a crash on its surveillance cameras. They may keep the video for a week or two before erasing it, so we must identify and preserve it quickly. This is imperative in an accident when there could be a problem identifying what happened and who is legally responsible.

We generally have up to two years from the accident date to begin a lawsuit. If we need to sue the liable party or parties, Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code § 16.003 allows us until the second anniversary of the crash to do so. Missing this deadline could mean losing the right to sue and making it difficult to recover fair compensation. 

How Will a Houston Car Accident Lawyer Recover Money for Me?

Working with a personal injury law firm on your Houston multi-car accident injury case can make you feel confident you are navigating the process correctly and seeking a settlement that will cover your current and future damages. 

The steps your accident attorney will take to manage your case could include: 

  • Handling all communications with other parties
  • Answering your questions and providing regular case updates
  • Investigating what happened and gathering evidence to determine the cause
  • Developing a compelling case for compensation
  • Contacting the insurance companies and demanding a payout
  • Negotiating for a fair settlement
  • Suing the at-fault drivers and/or other negligent parties when necessary
  • Representing your best interests throughout this process

When you hire a Houston auto accident lawyer to handle your case, you put your well-being first. You can focus on treatment, rehabilitation, and healing while your personal injury attorney will handle the rest. Most charge no upfront fees, meaning this is financially viable regardless of your current circumstances.

Sometimes, these multi-car collisions involve tractor-trailers and other commercial vehicles. In a Houston truck accident, our team must go toe to toe with a trucking company or another corporation to recover financial compensation for our client. You do not want to try to manage this on your own, especially if you are still undergoing treatment and rehabilitation from serious injuries.  

Discuss Your Legal Rights After a Houston Multi-Car Pile-Up With Our Team

Loncar Lyon Jenkins provides free consultations for those hurt in multi-car wrecks in Houston. If you were hurt in this kind of crash, you should explore your legal options for financial recovery. 

Whether it was road conditions, adverse weather conditions, or a distracted driver that caused the multi-vehicle crash, we help injured parties or loved ones who’ve lost someone pursue compensation awards for their damages. Contact us online or via telephone to speak with a Houston team member about your case today. Call in the Strong Arm today.

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